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We can offer new businesses and affordable, 'all in one' branding, advertising and digital agency.

Designouveau (pronounced Design Noo Voh) is the creative arm of BM Digital Services. As such, all work undertaken by Designouveau will be invoiced through BM Digital Services (ABN 20 704 514 182). BM Digital Service started out purely as a design and branding agency working exclusively in print. Typically our work would include creation of new brands, designing all marketing materials, and developing stationery and print collateral.

In 1997 everything changed. We were commissioned for the first time to develop a website. At the time, we chose Microsoft Frontpage. Using Frontpage Extensions, we built dynamic websites coupled to small MS Access databases. They were humble but effective for what they were. Over time we migrated away from Microsoft based products to the more broadly adopted Open Source PHP programming language and MySQL database.  After several years of experimentation using various 'Off the Shelf' CMS products, we opted to develop the Requisite CMS, an in-house content management system that we could extend in ways we felt best served our clients. Now at version 7, to this day we use the Requisite CMS as the basis for all websites we build.

Designouveau is a combination of all our services bundled into a creatively focused brand. We can offer new businesses an affordable, 'all in one' branding, advertising and digital agency.  We'll design your logo, help you realise your best marketing approach and then create all the supporting ads (online and in print) plus any collateral you might take out into the field.

We'd be delighted to help you realise your business idea and turn it into something fantastic!

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